Mega "Neutron RV" Surf Kayak

Mega Neutron RV Surf Kayak - SuperLite Composite Construction

The Mega "NEUTRON RV ", is a 100% performance orientated barnstormer, strong emphasis has be put on power and how the kayak can generate more from the wave. When we finished with the power we took away the resistance - the result... With the flat hull low rails and power pocket rear end you will send this boat into orbit. Ski type Ariels, slides,360's and floaters are here!

It offers the smoothest flowing ride on mellow waves, the ability to grip a wave like mad when things get bigger,speed that will alter your perception on life and carving ability "So" tight and "So" smooth you will feel like your surfing .....a super grippy smooth Machine!!

The Neutron is taking the Kayak surfing world to new limits - places that others can only dream of. Get a life, get a Neutron!

The Mega Neutron RV Surf Kayak is available in a range of construction lay ups and custom gel coat finishes to suit you needs and style. Designed to accommodate paddlers in the 50-90kg weight range this kayak offers sound stability whilst in the line up and a wave speed that will take your breath away. The Neutron RV has been the kayak of choice for a number of top World  ranked Surf Kayakers, and remain a proven performer in Competitions worldwide.  

Optional Extras :

Composite Tri Fin Set from Fin Shapers

Harmony Adjustable Freestyle Playboat backrest

Features :
    Mega Tri Fin thruster set up with 3 Adjustable Fin Boxes

    Custom Gel Coat Finishes with custom deck, coaming, seat, and thigh brace colours

    Mega Composite Thigh Braces  

    Triple Laminated Foam Centre Pillar fore and aft

    End Rope Safety Toggles

    Mega Foam Seat and Adjustable Backrest

    Foam Foot blocks and interlocking pillar  

    Padded Foam Seat Pad

Technical Specifications :

Length                    235cm

Width                     63cm

Paddler Range         50 - 90kg

Depth                     30cm                            

Check out our Video of the Mega Neutron RV in Action on the Mid North Coast of NSW
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