Mega "Bullitt S" Surf Kayak

Mega Bullitt S Surf Kayak SuperLite Composite Construction

Mega Surf Kayaks Australia are proud to announce that the Mega " Bullitt S " High Performance Composite Surf Kayak is now in production here in Jervis Bay Australia.
The Mega Bullitt S Surf Kayak is available in a range of construction lay ups and custom gel coat finishes to suit you needs and style. Scaled up suit paddlers in the 70-100kg weight range this kayak offers sound stability whilst in the line up and a wave speed that will take your breath away. Check out the features list below and discover why this kayak has become so popular throughout Europe and the US and will surely become a favourite "All Conditions Surf Kayak " here in Australia./
The Design :

It was very clear at Mundaka Spain recently that in small surf the longer boats were both ,catching waves easier and looking more dynamic, with slashing sliding turns to accentuate the moves, the "Mega Bullitt S Surf Kayak" has become the "All Conditions Surf Kayak" offering great down the line speed and a substantially increased rocker for added maneuverability. Added to the Hull is a V section to maintain speed is a concave that is great for creating lift and speed from take off, It will suck down onto the wave and carve tight.

Soft entry rails from the Bow to mid section then turn to hard rails for increased bit finishing on a rounded pin stern, suited to flowing turns and has more tail area than the pintail. Because of more area it is more forgiving and gives a good rail to rail feel.

Before IC boats were stopped from entering HP how many times were paddlers using IC boats on the HP rostram? We've already seen that the "Bullitt S" lends itself to a far more HP style of paddling and with the addition of fins it opens up so many possibilities.

Optional Extras :

M-Pro Designs Glass Thruster set $149.00

10mm Padded Travel Cover with YKK Zip and Shoulder Strap $275.00

Harmony Stern Buoyancy Bags to suit $120.00 Ptr

Construction Options :

Superlite Vinyl ester System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Deck and Hull Lay-up ( Contact Us for Pricing )

GRP Vinyl ester System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Hull, GRP Deck. ( Contact us for Pricing )

Std GRP - Polyester Resin System - Carbon Kevlar Reinforced Hull, GRP Deck 

Features :

    Mega shapers Adjustable Fin Box Set Up 

    Custom Gel Coat Finishes with custom deck, coaming, seat, and thigh brace colours

    Mega Composite Thigh Braces  

    LD29 Superlight Closed cell Ctr Pillars - fore and aft

    End Rope Safety Toggles

    Mega Foam Seat and Harmony Adjustable Backrest

    Foam Foot blocks

Technical Specifications :

Length                   275cm

Width                     60cm

Paddler Range      70 - 100kg

Depth                     30cm  at Cockpit


Designed by Malcolm Pearcey - MEGA UK

Proudly Hand Made In Jervis Bay Australia - Ross Boardman MEGA SURF KAYAKS Australia

Mastercard / Visa / Bankcard and Direct Deposit Accepted

Delivery available Australia and Direct Export to New Zealand.

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